Elementary #21 Naming Committee

The Elementary #21 Naming Committee is led by Regional Assistant Superintendent Obadiah Dunham. The committee is comprised of district leaders, parents, guardians and community members.

Naming Process

The name selection by the Committee was guided by Policy 9250: Facilities Naming, which was approved by the School Board  in 2017 and sets clear criteria and guidelines for school names.

  • The name should be known and significant to the Northshore community; or
  • The name should identify the geographic area of the community served by the school; or
  • The name should honor a prominent individual, known locally or nationally, who has made a long-term contribution to the education of children. If a person’s name is selected for Elementary #21, then in keeping with the board’s desire for inclusion and equitable recognition, it will be named after an individual who is a part of a minoritized community.

Committee Members

  • Elle Bachaud, Parent
  • Terry Barker, Community Member
  • Ben Batstone, Parent
  • Chris Bigelow, Ed.D., District Staff
  • Jermey Evans, Parent
  • Haley Heck, Teacher
  • Karen Hummel, Teacher
  • Jeff McGowan, Parent
  • Thomas Mirbach, Parent
  • Pam Nelson, Community Member
  • Christopher Obert, Parent
  • Aaron Robinson, Parent
  • Carole Roecks, Community Member
  • Christopher Shone, Community Member
  • Ayva Thomas, District Staff
  • Lisa Youngblood Hall, District Staff


  • Oct. 2, 2019: Initial meeting and review of submitted name ideas from the community.
  • Oct. 21, 2019: Review names and create final list of names to propose to the community.
  • Nov. 20, 2019: Finalize a list of 3-5 names based on community feedback.
  • Dec. 9, 2019: School Board will select, approve and announce the name.