Community Partners

A successful school system works in partnership with students, parents, staff and community members. Each contributes a variety of resources and insights which, together, support educational excellence in our rapidly changing world. We consider parents, individuals, community groups, businesses and agencies as potential partners. Shared interest, goals or outcomes define any partnership. That "interest" can be anything—students or families with special needs, specialized skills for a school or an innovative design for a districtwide program. The success of a partnership depends on extensive collaborative planning and regular assessments.

We believe that now, more than ever, we need our community to be involved in the education of our children. By having community representatives and parents in our schools who actively assist us with our educational priorities, we know our schools and kids will benefit. As the 17th century African proverb advises, "It takes a whole village to raise a child" we believe that our children will have a distinct advantage if they have an opportunity to know and understand many more people within our growing Northshore "village".

Our Objectives

  • To pair public schools with public or private businesses, organizations and agencies to form a uniquely fitted program that helps improve students' achievement.
  • To acquaint the community with the specific skills required for teaching.
  • To develop activities that broaden academic or cultural backgrounds.
  • To assist student, staff or community members by strengthening specific skills.
  • To expand students' knowledge of career options through mentorships and internships.
  • To provide mentors/role models to build students' self-esteem.
  • To provide recognition for improvement and achievement.

Northshore School District seeks partnerships for:

  • Family and community outreach
  • Classroom support
  • Crisis assistance and prevention
  • Management and government
  • Student and family support
  • Leadership and professional development

Partnership Opportunities

  • providing classroom presentations, lectures, slide presentations
  • hosting company tours
  • tutoring or mentoring individual students or small groups
  • providing part-time employment for students
  • assisting with job interview training for high school students
  • hosting teachers or students for job shadowing
  • providing advice on curriculum projects
  • providing high school students with internships and work opportunities
  • assisting with teacher training or volunteer training
  • donating resources and materials
  • supporting employees who wish to volunteer in classrooms
  • providing a place for students to give community service hours
  • serving as a facilitator for a group activity
  • reviewing high school senior projects each spring
  • volunteering in a school
  • expanding student perceptions of career opportunities in Northshore
  • improving student understandings of adult citizenship in the workplace

Benefits of Partnering

  • developing public relations and name recognition for your business
  • developing employee leadership skills
  • improving employee morale and corporate citizenship
  • improving your understanding of the public schools
  • receiving tax deductions for donations of materials

Interested in Partnering?

For more information, contact the partnerships coordinator, or 425.408.7673.

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