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    *Doctor's notes confirming medical/dental appt can be faxed directly from the doctor's offics
  • Excusing an Absence

    Parents or guardians must verify all absences within 48 hours (two school days), preferably the day of the student's absence, in one of two ways:

    1. By a phone call to the Attendance Office (24hr voicemail)
    2. By a written note signed by the parent/guardian

    When excusing an absence, please include the following:

    • Students first and last name (please spell when leaving a voicemail)
    • Date(s) of absence(s)
    • Student's school ID number
    • Reason for absence

    Failure to excuse an absence within 48 hours (two school days) will result in an unexcused absence and corresponding discipline.

    Late Arrivals and Tardies

    • Students arriving to school late must sign in at the Attendance Office and obtain a pass before going to class. A parent/guardian signed, written note or a parent/guardian phone call is required within 48 hours of the late arrival or the student will continue to be marked unexcused. Emails are not accepted.

    Students who miss more than fifteen (15) minutes of class are marked "absent"

    Early Dismissals

    • Please send a signed note with your student on the morning of the day needing early dismissal Requests for early dismissals must be made no later than the end of second (B) lunch (12:00 p.m.). and must be arranged prior to the absence. Emails are not accepted.
    • Students must sign out at the Attendance Office when they leave during the school day or the absence is considered truancy.

    Marked Absence in Error

    • If a student has been marked absent in error by his or her teacher/substitute, the student will need to contact his or her teacher who can then advise the Attendance Office to update the attendance record. The Attendance Office cannot excuse a student marked absent by a teacher without confirmation from the teacher.

    Prearranged Absences 

    • In cases of a prearranged absence, students must have his/her teacher complete and sign a Pre-Arranged Absence Contract.
    • Upon completion of the Prearranged Absence Contract by their teacher (available at attendance office or link above), the student must then have the contract signed by his/her parent/guardian. 
    • Bring the fully signed Prearranged Absence Contract to the Attendance Office for Approval prior to the absence period.

    Note: A teacher's aproval does not eliminate the need to complete missed course work or to appeal for credit if the total number of excused and/or unexcused absences exceeds nine in a semester.

    Make-Up Work

    • Make-up work will be allowed. The student will be responsible for all make-up arrangements. Students should contact their teachers via email to inform them of their extended absence. Homework from teachers can be picked up at the Attendance Office, completed, and returned to the teachers within the same amount of time as the absence. Staff members are not obligated to provide tests, assignments, or reports if the absence is not excused.

    * Additional Information regarding Attendance policies can be found in the topic links on the left.