Bus Pass Information

  • Bus Passes will not be approved for the first month and a half of school until the district is able to properly assess available seats.
    Load counts on buses can not be assessed until all eligible riders have had the opportunity to ride their bus. Due to programs, such as elementary band, starting in October it is necessary to wait to evaluate available seats. Student enrollment has also increased which puts school buses at or close to capacity. After mid-October please contact your school to inquire about available daily bus passes. If your school indicates there is room for your student, supply the school office with a parent-signed note (see below). For more information see the NSD website; Northshore School District Transportation Department.

    In the morning before school, students bring a note to the main office with the following information:
    • the address where they will be making the stop
    • the name of the student with whom they will be riding
    • the bus number
    • the date the buss pass is needed
    • a parent signature
    Bus passes cannot be issued without all this information. Students can then pick up their bus pass during lunch in the office.