• Welcome to WEB 2016-2017 
    "Where Everyone Belongs" 
  • 2017-2018 Kenmore Middle School WEB Leaders 
    Thank you to all who applied. After evaluations of application answers and individual recommendations by KJH teachers, staff, and administration the following 7th graders have been selected to serve as Kenmore Middle School WEB Leaders for the 2017-2018 school year:
    Julie      Abigail S.      Cooper      Lior      Cassidy      Paola      Ffion      Beau      Benjamin      Elle      Tara (from CPJH)
    Riley H.       Jimmy         Demise        Daisy     Anushka       Alesandra          Ella         Marina         Ava      Margaret (from CPJH)
    Emily F.-S.        Jessica      Esmeralda      Paul      Sienna       Madelyn (from CPJH)      Brooklyn (from CPJH)    Andrea
    Yarely      Abby C.     Fiona        Whitney      Rolando      Kalea      Spencer (from CPJH)   Harlie      Samuel      Caroline (from CPJH)
    Kaia         Logan         Rohan         Avery         Sofia      Tiffany         Piper      Monica         Kyla         Kari         Gunner           Kai
    Alice (to NSMS)       Chung (to NSMS)      Dylan (to CPMS) 
    If you wish to talk to a WEB coordinator about the selection process, we ask that you wait until at least Monday, April 24th. If you weren't selected we would be happy to let you know how you can grow to be a successful candidate in the future when you might apply as a LINK leader in high school.