Equity & Diversity Home

  • The Northshore School District is committed to ensuring that all students are provided equitable opportunities to learn in an environment where they are nurtured and supported to succeed at high levels throughout their K-12 experiences and beyond.   
    • We BELIEVE that every student has the capacity to achieve academic success and make a positive contribution to society.
    • We VALUE the diversity of our community and recognize the importance of celebrating this diversity within the learning environment.
    • We RECOGNIZE that systemic barriers exist and are key contributing factors in the pervasive, disparate student achievement outcome within our school system.  

    The Northshore School District's Equity and Diversity Committee is currently meeting throughout the 16-17 and 17-18 school year and acts as an advisory committee to the Northshore School Board by providing support, guidance and information about issues related to equity, diversity and inclusion in our schools and programs.  Agenda's, minutes and information regarding this committee can be found on the Equity and Diversity Committee's  web page

    Current Update:
    May 2017:  Members of the Equity and Diversity Committee and other Northshore School District Employees, were able to attend the "Equity - From the Boardroom to the Classroom" conference in Seattle on May 24, 2017.  The overall goal of the conference was to increase organizational leadership capacity by providing systemic strategies for equity an access so all students can achieve at a higher level.  
    (Committee)  The Policy sub-committee is working diligently to get the final draft completed so it can be submitted to the board by May 2017.  
    (Staff) "In our continued focus on equity for the district administrative leadership team, we worked again this morning with Caprice Hollins. Robust conversation on the lives and experiences of our students led into our continued work on the strategic plan. As equity is a cornerstone of the emerging strategic plan, we also had occasion to watch a video chronicling student voice and we heard "some straight talk from middle-schoolers about race and what it's like to grow up in such racially charged times." As we continue our relentless focus on the success of each student in our schools, however we choose to define success or achievement, it is critically important to remember the voices of the students themselves as they articulate their uniquely personal experience."  - Dr. Michelle Reid (excerpt from April 7, 2017 Superintent's Blog)