• Student Pick-up Procedure
    Parent/Guardian Instructions
    In the event of an Emergency/Disaster requiring an evacuation, all students will be taken to the soccer field and held there until their parents pick them up or it is safe to move children to a covered area.

    When you arrive at school, please go directly to the soccer field for your child (unless directed otherwise by staff). It is important that you follow these pick-up procedures so we can accurately account for all children.

    To Pick Up Your Child/ren:

    1) Go to the soccer field - all children will be assembled there.
    2) A teacher greeter will assist you in locating your child's class.
    3) Walk to your child's designated class area and check your child out with the teacher in charge.
    4) Remove your child's name tag. Write your name on the back indicating that you are picking up the child. Note the time and where your child is going.
    5) Hang your child's name tag on the cyclone fence under color coded class label. (All class labels will be color coded to match the child's name tag.)
    6) Check out with teacher greeter at the gate to be sure pick-up procedures have been completed.

    In other emergencies (such as wind or snow storms) students will be kept in their classrooms or in the library until it is safe for them to walk or school buses are available. Parents may pick their children up by signing them out in the office. Again, it is important that we account for each student.