General High School Athletics Information

    All Registration needs to be complete through
    Family ID to be eligible to participate.
    For all athletic schedules and standings go to 
    Find the "Black and Gold I" for Inglemoor information


    High School Participation

    1. All students participating in a sport at the high school level must purchase a high school ASB sticker. These funds go directly into the school's ASB account to support the year-to-year cost of the athletic programs. Cost such as: facilities, equipment, uniforms, game transportation costs, etc.
    2. There is a $154 fee for each sport.
    3. Individuals participating in more than one season will pay a maximum of $308 per school year.
    4. Families with two or more students participating at the same high school during the same season will be charged $121 per participant up to a family limit of $484 per year.
    5. Families with two or more students participating at both high school and junior high level will have a family limit of $396.
    This fee does not guarantee a spot on an athletic team, playing time or a letter award.
    This fee, due prior to the first interscholastic competition, will be paid to the school.

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