• School Friendly Businesses

    We are often asked how businesses can get involved in education. One of the most common ways businesses get involved with schools is by supporting education where their employees and families live and work. They recognize the direct link between good schools and a strong work-force for their company.

    Local businesses partner with schools, provide resources to districts or assist with the local education foundation in their community. But many companies are finding other ways to support schools as well as their employees. These are systemic changes they are making in their company policies. These companies are referred to as "school-friendly" places to work.

    "Family-friendly" and "school-friendly" businesses have at least one of the following policies in place:
    • allowing time for employees to get involved with schools;
    • initiating, implementing and funding specific programs that promote parent or family involvement in education;
    • providing resources to employees on how to become more involved in their own children's education; and
    • adopting high standards for student employment that includes an expectation of regular attendance, a reliable work ethic and a location for students to study before or after their work shift