Capital Bond Planning Task Force

  • Task Force Responsibility
    The Capital Bond Planning Task Force (CBPTF) analyzes and studies a variety of data and information regarding the district’s capital facility needs to determine a set of recommendations to the School Board for capital infrastructure projects for referral to voters in 2018. These voluntary positions serve terms in alignment with NSD’s historical four-year bond/levy cycle.

    Meeting Schedule
    The CBPTF typically meets twice monthly on Thursdays, from 5:30-7:30 p.m., beginning Nov. 17, 2016, leading up to finalization of the recommendations, and thereafter, will meet approximately once per quarter throughout the rest of the four-year term.
    Task Force Membership
    The CBPTF will include community members, staff, parents, administrators and business leaders representing all regions of Northshore School District boundaries. Task force members are selected from those who apply based on achieving representation of the diversity in our community and a wide range of experiences, perspectives and geographic locations, as well as those who can commit to attending all meetings.
    Residence within Northshore School District is a requirement. Backgrounds and experience that are helpful for the CBPTF include, but are not limited to:
    • Experience in: capital planning; financial planning; commercial construction; facility management or construction management -- preferably in a public education environment.
    • Experience serving on committees requiring the ability to build consensus on complex topics.
    • Ability to absorb complex data or issues and objectively prioritize a wide array of capital improvement needs while working within a confined budget.
    • Awareness of, or willingness to accept, concepts for 21st Century Learning environments.
    • Effective listening skills and openness for all perspectives.
    • Ability to compromise and build consensus.
    Composition of Task Force
    • 12 staff members including administrators and consultants (Cabinet selected and appointed)
    • 10-12 community members (School Board selected and appointed)
    • NSEA President
    Application Timeline for Community Membership
    1. Applications: Sept. 22 - Oct. 13, 2016
    2. Application interviews: Oct. 17 - Oct. 25, 2016
    3. Selection and appointment of community members: Oct. 26-27, 2016

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