As mandated by Governor Jay Inslee, all K-12 and early learning educators, school staff, coaches, bus drivers, school volunteers and others working in school facilities must be fully vaccinated by October 18, 2021.

  • Employees must provide proof of vaccination by showing their vaccine card, certificate of COVID-19 vaccination, or Washington State Immunization Information System printout. Proof of vaccination cannot be proved through an attestation. 
  • Employees who are not yet fully vaccinated may continue working now but must be fully vaccinated or obtain an exemption by Oct. 18, 2021 as a condition of continued employment. 
  • Employees who do not provide proof of vaccination or an approved medical or religious exemption by Oct. 18, 2021, will be subject to non-disciplinary dismissal from employment for failing to meet the qualifications of the job. 
  • There may be continued additional safety requirements for employees who are granted exemptions. 


Vaccination Verification

Schools should begin verifying student and staff vaccinations. Fully vaccinated students and staff who do not have symptoms do not have to quarantine when exposed to COVID-19 and may not require COVID-19 testing as indicated below. Further, while universal masking is required of all students and staff now, there is the possibility in the future that fully vaccinated people may no longer be required to wear masks indoors.

  • Acceptable documentation for verifying the vaccination status of students, volunteers and visitors includes at least one of the following: 
    • CDC vaccination card which includes name of person vaccinated, type of vaccine provided, and date(s) administered, or a photo of the vaccination card.
    • Documentation of vaccination from a health care provider with the information listed above. o State immunization information system record with the information listed 4 above. 
  • Other school immunization record system that provides the information above.
  • Parent/guardian or personal attestation is not an acceptable form of verification for K12 students, nor for volunteers or visitors. 
  • Schools may use their existing systems for verification of vaccines required for school entry to verify COVID-19 vaccination or establish a new system that meets the requirements above. 
  • By September, schools utilizing the Washington Immunization Information System (WA IIS) School Module will be able to run a student COVID-19 report for vaccination status. The report will show students who are due now for COVID vaccination.