Childcare During COVID-19 Closure

Childcare During the Summer

As our school year comes to a close on June 19, the emergency school closure childcare will also end on that date. Both of our childcare partners, Champions and YMCA, have opportunities available for families to sign up for their summer programs at a cost. These program options may vary in location, cost of program and timing. Because these programs are not an aspect of school closure childcare, there is not financial support or scholarships available for the programs through Northshore School District. You can inquire with each provider regarding fees and any available financial aid options.

Northshore School District has partnered with Champions and Northshore YMCA to support families experiencing childcare hardships during the time all district schools are closed due to the coronavirus health crisis. 


Who is eligible for Childcare?

As directed by Governor Inslee and Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), childcare provisions will prioritize health care personnel, first responders, grocery workers and other essential workforce.


Days & Hours

  • Childcare is available Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • Students can attend based on family needs - daily or weekly options available.



  • First responders and health care personnel are provided free care during this emergency school closure time period.
  • Other essential workforce families, childcare cost is $45 per day or $225 per week for both providers. Scholarships are available upon request.



  • Daily lunch is provided through the Northshore School District Food Services department.
  • Children will also receive a breakfast meal to take up for the next morning.


Health, Safety & Cleaning Protocols

  • Childcare partners will well check students and parents/guardians including taking temporal body temperature before allowing entrance into the site. If a student appears to be unwell or registers a temperature greater than 99F, they will not be admitted for childcare.
  • Students will be separated into groups of ten and kept in distinct spaces throughout care. Multiple spaces within each site will be opened to allow for the social distancing recommended by the Department of Health guidelines.
  • Childcare partners will be required to clean their supplies daily and/or between student use. Northshore School District provides an EPA approved cleanser for use at the site. Northshore School District custodial staff will disinfect the entire childcare site using EPA approved cleanser each day.