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  • Off to a great start!

    Wow!  Impressive!  Kind!  Excited!  Tired!  (and now sick :(

    These are some of the words that describe our first week.  I have been impressed with the maturity, curiosity, collaboration and kindness I have seen and experienced.  Well done, parents!  You have sent in a group of young people you can be proud of.  I am excited for all the adventures, relationships and learning we have in store for this coming school year.

    Sneak Peeks: Each week (usually Sunday)  I post an update on what we have learned or what we will be learning.  I will then send you a link via your child's SeeSaw Digital Journal to keep updated.

    Explore our class website.  It is the "go to" place to find school and class calendar information, lunch information, class handbook, curriculum map, handy website links, resources to use at home that align to what we use in class, etc. You can learn more by clicking on the words located to the left.  If text is highlighted and underlined with the body of a message it means that it is a "hot link" to more information.

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    What have we been doing in class?

    Routines, Routines, Routines; Community and Stamina

    We have been learning all the zillion routines associated with working as a community of learners - there are a ZILLION little routines...bathroom practices, lining up, lunch routines, supplies, how to hold a pencil, how to hold a scissors, how to work with others, how and where to play at recess, what do do when a pencil breaks, Yikes-shoes laced undone -- what to do?  [HINT: do not ask the teacher], lunch items that are hard to open [aka fruit and juice bombs], feeling sick, lost a tooth, ..... you get the picture.  By taking time to learn and practice these the children feel empowered to solve their own problem and learning goes much smoother as we each learn to be independent problem solvers.  This is time WELL INVESTED!  But in the process there is still plenty of learning going on...


    While we have not delved into assigned curriculum we are learning about name of the various parts of books, shared reading ... I read, you read., what is an explanation point and how we read when we see one (Thanks to the story No! David!), retell of stories, as well as main character and speech bubbles.  Most of the stories we have read focus on making positive choices - No Bunny Is Perfect, The Golden Rule, Its Okay to Make Mistakes, No! David!, etc.  I will send a photo of the numerous stories we have read.


    We are learning how to hold a pencil and the various lines used (doodling).  This is the one time of year/life that children will get specific attention on proper pencil grip.  This is SOOOO important for establishing proper muscle memory, fine motor skills and stamina needed for future writing.  We will practice, practice, practice everyday for weeks on pencil grip. 


    We are tracking the number of days we are in school by using dots, grouping 5's and 10's (decades), as well as using number charts, ten frames, ten frame cubes and unit cubes, learning to write and read equations and symbols (+ and =).  I lead at this pint and in a couple of weeks, this work will be done by student leaders "math coaches".  We are also routines (workstation rotations) that will be used during our Guided Math lessons (short whole group lesson, then breakout into four groups work for practice and building team work.  Four stations will eventually include:  Math Writing, Math Games, Math w/Tech, Math with Teacher.


    We will read text, What is Science? And discover the various field of study within Science.

    What is Science  

    Social Studies:

    We have been enjoying short videos from Brain Pop on school culutre.  Our focus for Social Studies is understanding the purpose and role of social rules.  Quite handy for beginning of school.  Next week we will be discussing our Moorlands P.R.I.D.E traits (We are Respectful, Responsible, Safe, Kind and Ready to Learn).  This is the foundation for creating a safe, kind and caring community of children at Moorlands.


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