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  • Upcoming EVENTS - Please Read!
    100th Day of School Extravaganza: The official 100th Day of School falls on Tuesday, February 13th . We will need around 10-12 parents to come and run various centers for our biggest celebration of the year.  Volunteers will be assigned to one of many stations where you will listen as children read 100 words, build a 100 piece tower with legos or cups, listen at they count to 100 by 1's, 10's, 5's and 2's, help them create a 100 pcs fruit loop necklace, build 100 pcs puzzle and if someone can let us borrow a small trampoline - jump 100 times and now passing out valentines!  It is a blast (yes noisy) but usually the most memorable day of the school year.  Mark your calendars for:  Tuesday, February 13th from 1:00 - 2:40 (100 minutes of fun of course!)  and if possible please come.  If you want to help and volunteer, plan on coming in around 12:20 to help setup.  Believe it or not this is our last class party for the year.  If you can volunteer or if you can let us borrow a small trampoline please email me.

    Valentines:  We will be celebrating Valentines' Day  If your child will be sharing Valentines, please make sure there are enough (23) for every child and PLEASE DO NOT WRITE NAMES on the envelopes.  Why?  When names are written on the envelopes the children spend a lot of time trying to match the bags.  Trust me it is more pleasant for everyone if we do not place names on envelopes.

    Sneak Peek Week of:  January 7th

    Reading:  We are working through poems and passages together as we learn various strategies for reading.

    Specific lessons for the next two weeks will include:

    • Readers have Super Powers to Look, Point and Read Everything They Can
    • Super Readers use Pointer Power to check their Reading, Making Sure What They Say Matches What They See
    • Readers Don't Let Longer Words Slow Them Down: Every Word Gets One Tap
    • Readers Use Snap Words to Anchor Their Pointer Power
    • Partner Power Gives Readers Even Stronger Pointer Power

    At this point in the year, I will be encouraging the children to transition away from just listenting to using their reading time to actually read the words/pictures and in their second or third read they can listen to the text to check for accuracy, fluency and understanding.

    I will be spending time 1:1 with the children to determine and guide them toward "just right books", these are texts that move them just beyond their comfort/easy level and move them forward in text complexity.

    Phonological Awareness: We we begin the week reviewing the sounds we have learned and use them to build words.  The children have  been introduced to 15 consonant and digraph patterns (p/b, t/d, k/g, f/v, th/th, s/z/ sh, ch and j), and three vowel patterns (/i/, /o/ and /oo).  We will then move into adding a wide range of short and long vowels (/ee/, /e/, /a/, /au).  We will practice using these to build more words in our reading and writing.

    Writing: Formation: The children are buzzing through sight words.  Most have mastered the first set of 10 and now working on set 2 (he, was for, on, are, as, with, his, they).  This work of practicing forming the words and reading them -- helps build proper letter formation, strengthen those fine motor skills (did you know we have 50+ muscles in our fingers), spelling of sight words, reading/recall of sight words, some phonics as well as working with others to practice fluency and accuracy.   We are also the applying these sight words into building simple sentences to illustrate how important and often they appear in our writing and reading.


    We have been focusing on construction sentences and concepts of print, starting with a capital, using  big (we call is "meatball space"  between words and small space (we call it spaghetti space) between letters within a word, not sprinkling uppercase letters in the middle of sentences and finally ending with some sort of punctuation . ! or ?  Ask you little one how these puncutation symbols are different - e.g. when would writers use a ? or a ! or a .

    Math: We  still have a number of children out sick or traveling so this week we are building fluency, accuracy as we build tens and ones and have a bit of fun play a number sense game called, 'Squeeze".  I choose a number and the children take turns guessing (teams of boys vs. girls), with each answer I say too low or too high and mark it on a  hundred chart -- this process creates a "squeeze" as the range gets smaller and smaller.  Its SOOOOO fun!  Stay tuned for a Seesaw video -- this would be a great family game to play at home -- all you need is a piece a paper with a hundred chart drawn on it.

    Science:  We will be devoting some time to exploring various way to code ... we started with human robots and coding, then Ozobots, then the program Kodable using our iPads and this week the children will be encouraged to explore and coach each other in the free iPad app Scratch Jr.  Many children choose to code during Genius Time -- how exciting!

    Social Studies and Social Emotional Learning: 

    With the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday approaching we have put our Social Emotiona Learning on hold to explore the history of slavery and civil rights movement -- our themes include - the power of using words to resolve conflict, and working with others to make the world a better place for all.  We have read a number of books about MLK and a minibook (coming home 1/12) titled, 'The Dream'.  The children have deep feelings about the injustice of slavery and what happened during the civil right movement.  We have created ideas for ways we can keep Mr. King's dream alive.  It is posted in our Seesaw feed or in the link to the right.  This will also be viewed by the school during our MLK assembly on Friday the 12th!  (The children are learning that no matter what size we are our words and action can make a positive impact on the world!!!!                           

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