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  • Music Transportation Information:
     4th grade band starts Tuesday, October 3rd, please be sure your students 2017-2018 Music Transportation Form has been submitted and you have read the information below:

    In order to receive transportation, elementary band students must attend band at their middle school feeder pattern school (with the exception of some EAP programs). Transportation will provide a shuttle back to their feeder pattern elementary school unless they attend a neighboring school.

    These basic rules apply to instruments permitted on Northshore School District buses:

    • The instrument is the student's responsibility and must remain with the student while on the bus.
    • The student must be able to lift and carry the instrument easily onto the bus.
    • The instrument must be placed on a child's lap or fit between their legs and the seat in front of them and still have room for others in their seat (along with their backpack and other school supplies).
    • Instruments and music stands must be in a case and remain in the case while on the bus.
    • There must be sufficient space on the bus (if space is limited, students, not instruments, have priority). 
    • Due to capacity and safety reasons an instrument that cannot fit on a student's lap (example: large cello french horn or drum kits) needs to be transported by a parent.
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    Northshore School District's 150 drivers proudly transport 17,000 students to and from school on a daily basis. Transportation covers approximately 1.5 million miles in buses and 150,000 miles in cars and vans each year.
    Please read the Transportation News & Updates section below for the latest important information regarding transportation.

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