Weekly Reopening Update: April 30, 2021

I am providing you with my weekly Reopening Update on this sunny last day in April. It has been our goal to provide you with helpful information and resources on a variety of district channels, including our website. With availability of vaccinations for individuals as young as 16 years old, many families are working to locate those vaccinations for their older students. We have launched a vaccination webpage with information we find on clinics and resources. If you subscribe to this page, you will receive an email notification each time it is updated.  

We continue to update our COVID-19 Dashboard. The latest updates are the addition of athletic batch testing results, a breakdown of negative and positive batch testing results, and other information. I’ve been asked why we include positive test results of students who have remained in 100% remote instruction. It is important to know about these positives cases as many students who have chosen to remain remote, come to our campuses and interact with other students and staff for a variety of reasons, including athletics and activities, material pick-ups, and program specific and state level testing. Having this information will help us with contact tracing.

In addition, we continue to update our COVID-19 Testing page as our District nursing supervisor receives guidance from our local health departments and as we receive feedback from our community. The COVID-19 Testing FAQ is updated at least weekly. All of these pages are dynamic working documents and will continue to be reviewed and revised as necessary.  

As we look toward the fall, I want to remind you that, as directed by our School Board in President Swain’s March 26 letter, we fully intend to have students in school five days a week beginning on September 1, our scheduled first day of school. Additionally, I’ve spoken with a number of families who will not be able to send their students to school in the fall. Therefore, staff have been thoughtfully planning a 100% online option to serve students who cannot attend school in person due to personal or family health concerns. There will be no cost to families and our school and District staff will be helpful in determining whether this option is right for your student. I will provide more details on our 2021-22 online school option in the coming days and weeks.  

COVID-19 transmissions continue to trend upward and variants are now present in our state. We will continue to look to our health departments and the state for guidance on COVID-19 safety protocols for both school and athletics and activities. This information will be helpful as our Senior Planning Committee plans for senior activities and celebrations. We remain committed to providing safe opportunities for these joyous celebrations.  

The best way to help us ensure safe and healthy events is for all of us to continue to do our part to keep our community safe. 

Wishing you all the best,

Michelle Reid, Ed.D.



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