Weekly Reopening Update: April 2, 2021

This week, our students in the Head Start and Early Childhood Education and Assistance (ECEAP) programs headed back to their brick-and-mortar classrooms. Also today, our K-3 students completed their two weeks of Bridge Week learning (available to 6800 students). The excitement and careful preparation that I’ve witnessed among students and staff over the past two weeks is indicative of our readiness for the coming week.  

On Monday, April 5, students in Head Start, ECEAP, Functional Skills Academics, and the Adult Transition Program will be in person if they have chosen to return to buildings. In addition, students in grades K-5 will return to the school buildings to begin their hybrid learning model. School administrators, educators and support staff, will be equipped to greet students as they arrive and move them through all safety protocols and safely into their classrooms that have been carefully laid out to support a warm, welcoming and safe learning environment.  

Students remaining in 100% remote learning will also continue to have live (synchronous) and asynchronous instruction.  Our amazing Northshore educators are sensitive to the newness of this learning model as they prepare to help all students navigate their unique transition, and both build and nurture community. By now, all elementary families should have received details about next week from their school staff. You can read general elementary reopening guidelines here. 

As we rapidly approach this new stage of our learning model, we must continue to work together as One Northshore. While on school and District campuses, it will continue to be important that we all stay vigilant about our COVID safety protocols. This includes everyone always wearing a face mask while on our campuses – even if it’s just for a few moments to pick up your student. For the safety of our students, staff and the families they go home to, we must work together to stay disciplined, continue practicing COVID-safety protocols, and be thoughtful about taking unnecessary risks that could cause further spread of the virus.

We look forward to seeing our young Northshore learners in the classrooms and on Zoom this coming Monday.  As we plan forward, we will continue to keep you updated. 

Warmest regards,

Michelle Reid, Ed.D.



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