Thursday Thoughts: Northshore Speaks, Congratulations Azeem Egizi, Earth Day Performances and More.

What a great spring week!! It is hard to believe that it is already the last week of April.  It finally feels like spring with the energy and enthusiasm that longer days and lighter weather prompt, and our opportunities to be outdoors bring. May is upon us next week with the wonder of an evolving spring and the certainty of our seasons to support and sustain us through these challenging days. 

Northshore Speaks

I was so inspired by our 22 student poets during tonight’s Northshore Speaks event! Each student shared such a powerful message. The arts are an important aspect of learning and this event ties directly to our commitment of providing multiple avenues for student voice and hearing multiple perspectives – I look forward to it each year! This year we were fortunate to have Emmy-nominated poet Christian Paige join us for both student coaching and to share an original piece during the event. Northshore Family Partnership teacher, Leslie Connor also coached our poets. Ms. Connor and Mr. Paige joined me this morning on Northshore Learns News, along with two of our student performers to share about how they prepared for the event. If you weren’t able to tune in at 6 p.m., I encourage you to watch the video on our Northshore Speaks webpage at any time.

Congratulations Azeem Egizi

In innovation news, congratulations to Northshore Middle School 6th grader Azeem Egizi. During this year of challenges, Azeem entered the WA Innovation Challenge, and his invention is one of the honorees for this year. His invention, H.A.N.D.S is a device that opens doors at restaurants, stores, and other high-traffic areas, and is linked to the use of hand sanitizer prior to entry and exit. Unless people trying to enter or exit the space use the hand sanitizer, the door will not open. This incentivizes people to keep their hands clean and reduces the risk of surface-borne germs. You can watch Azeem provide an explanation of his innovation at this link. Well done, Azeem! 

Earth Day Performances

In other exciting news from the arts, I wanted to share with you some amazing performances by East Ridge students in honor of Earth Day. The first is their 4th/5th grade choir (featuring 6 soloists) performing the song “Evergreen, Everblue”. These dedicated singers have been meeting virtually every Thursday to learn repertoire. The second is their 1st and 2nd graders performing “What a Wonderful World” with art inspired by an Earth Day Art Project led by art docents Mrs. Burke and Mrs. Shult.  Teachers Janie Anderson and Tiana Shuford co-directed both these pieces, and Tiana produced the audio and video productions. Janie and Tiana have definitely been a dream team! Tiana shared; “It has been awe-inspiring to see what these students are capable of in such unique circumstances. Our students inspire us every day and remind us why we chose a profession in teaching.” This is another example of fantastic teamwork and the commitment to creative excellence.  Well done !!

Alumni News

In alumni news, a big shout-out goes to Maiya Pacleb, who plays for the University of Puget Sound Loggers.  Maiya, an alumna of Bothell High School, won the Alice Bond Award for Most Outstanding Female Student Athlete. By the end of the 2020-21 Puget Sound women's soccer season, Maiya led the Northwest Conference in scoring - and she was the only player with 10+ points. She scored goals in four consecutive games and helped lead the Loggers to a 7-3 record in the conference - including a 3-1 record against Pacific Lutheran. Maiya is a third-year student studying Biochemistry. Well done!! 

Northshore Concert Hall Update

I’m pleased to share that the Northshore Concert Hall at Inglemoor High School is officially dried in, meaning the full exterior of the building is weather-tight. The roof and underground exterior electrical was completed this month and the precast concrete for the tiered floor and balconies was installed. Precast concrete is concrete that is formed offsite and delivered ready to install. This reduces the risk for irregularities that weather and other conditions on the site can sometimes cause when pouring concrete. The team is now moving to install HVAC ductwork and interior electrical, followed by sheetrock and carpentry. Coming up in May, the large glassy entrance will be installed, which will allow ample natural light into the building. The theater floor is also expected to be installed in May. Thank you to our Northshore voters who approved the 2018 bond, making this project possible! 

Importance of the 2018 Technology Levy

As we have reopened our buildings and moved into the Stage 5 Hybrid Learning Model status, I want to highlight the importance of the 2018 technology levy, which was instrumental in the success of student learning during distance learning and it’s how we will continue to lean into technology. From the levy, the District was able to implement and train students and staff on Zoom, which became one of the District’s distance learning instructional platforms. This same funding also enabled the District to implement and provide professional development for our staff on our new Learning Management System, Schoology over the summer. These and other software services that support instruction will remain in place and allow us to provide an anytime, anywhere learning experience for all Northshore students. The computers distributed to students for distance learning will allow them to continue their learning goals, regardless of where that learning is taking place. Thanks to the generous support from the Northshore community who approved the 2018 levy, we will be able to forge ahead with new learning models in the short and long term. Imagine the possibilities….

Finally, a thoughtful reflective quote for our April ending week; “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

All the best and take good care,

Michelle Reid, Ed.D.



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