Letter to Families with Seniors: College Application Process Stress and Anxiety

I am writing to you today as we are in the midst of an often stressful time for our senior students as they contemplate their plans after high school. It is often at about this time in the year that those students planning to go on to post-secondary education experience a great deal of stress and anxiety about the college application and admission process. At the same time, there are seniors who are realizing that they are completing school in the coming spring and will be making plans to enter the work force, join the military or identify alternate gap year strategies and other life choices.  Regardless of the path your senior chooses; this is a time in their educational career that can be one of the most stressful due to the ambiguity and unknowns about the future. Transitions at their best are still about managing change.

As we gather with friends and family this coming winter break, please be mindful of the conversation topics and remember that our children, young and old, take their cues from us. Parenting at these critical junctures in our children's lives can be challenging, and so I am hoping that resources during this time might be helpful. The article that recently came across my desk, Taming the Admissions Anxiety, is from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and it provides some insights and tips for this time of transition for your senior.

I wish for each of you a joyful winter break and some quiet time with those you hold most dear.



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