Alec McTavish

Phone: 425.408.7078


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Applied Science (Engineering Science) & Master of Applied Science (Electrical Engineering) - both from the University of Toronto, Canada;

Alec McTavish

Hi, I'm Alec McTavish (that's "Mister McTavish" to you! ... OK, maybe it's "McT" or "McTavish" to you...) I'm happy to be here at Bothell High for yet another year of educational awesomeness. This year I'll once again be toiling away filling students' brains with Computer Science knowledge and skills, helping Apex students earn credit online, and coaching our Chess Club.
Looking for extra help? I'm happy to help you after school; but I do teach a 7th period class so I'm not available until after 7th period (3:28 PM) on full days. You are also welcome to work quietly in my room during 7th period, as long as there's a computer available for you. On about two-thirds of the collaborative Wednesdays, (those that aren't school- or district- directed), I'm available to help you immediately after 6th period at 12:50 PM. Finally, you can come see me during club time at Chess Club in room 714 - across from the student store. It's easy for me to have a laptop (up to 4 of them) available for your use during that time. Other than dropping by to see me, the easiest way to contact me is via e-mail.
  • Classes: You can find general information about what's currently going on in the classes I teach by clicking the appropriate link below : (In the Google folder that opens up, "Quick Links & Info" is the best place to start)


    Computer Science - C#   Advanced CS    Intro to CS    Apex Learning


    For more detailed assignment information, ParentVUE is your friend! You can access ParentVUE directly here, and get more information about it (including instructions for setting up your account) here. When you look at my class via the grade book in ParentVUE, you will be able to see due dates, assignment details, and various supporting documents. You'll find information or announcements not directly related to a specific assignment in the "class level resources" attached to my class.

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