• Car, Bus, and After-School Passes:
    For safety reasons, your student will need a pass if their after-school plans or means of transportation deviate from their normal routine. Upon receiving a written authorization from a student's parent or guardian, a staff member in the school office will write a car pass, bus pass, or after-school pass indicating the change in plans and give it to the student to give to their teacher. The original written authorization will be kept on file in the school office. It's best if students bring the notes or forms filled out by their parents or guardians into the school office in the morning prior to the beginning of the school day.
    Authorizations from parents or guardians must be in writing, and can be written on the downloadable form at the bottom of this page. Blank copies of the form may also be picked up in the school office. If you do not have the form available, just put your request in writing on a blank sheet of paper and be sure to include the following information:
    * Full name of  your child
    * Date(s) of change
    * Parent or guardian's signature 
    * Bus Number (for bus passes)
    * Full name and bus stop of student with whom your child is going home (for bus passes) 
    * Name of person picking up your child (for car passes)
    * Time of pick-up and reason (for early pick-up)
    * After-school activity and location (for after-school passes) 
    Early Pick-up:
    If you plan to pick your child up from school early (doctor or dentist appointment, etc.), please send them to school with a note indicating the time that they will be picked up that day. (You may use the form shown below.) Students should bring their notes to the school office in the morning before taking them to their teacher. A staff member will make a note of the time they are to be picked up that day and by whom, so the student is expected when he/she comes to the office, and their teacher then can simply send the student to the office at the appropriate time. Parents picking their child up early should always do so by meeting their child in the school office and signing them out from that location.
    Organized After-School Clubs and Activities:
    For several after-school activities that involve a large number of students, rather than requiring individual authorization forms and passes, we will rely on club and activity registrations to authorize each student to stay after school. By registering your child for a club or group activity with scheduled dates, you will be providing the written authorization that we require, and club or activity organizers will be responsible for retaining that written authorization, sharing it with the school office,  and providing rosters and schedules for the school office.( If your child will not be participating in all of the activities for which they are registered, again we will need written notification of that change in routine.) The office staff will then share the appropriate schedule information with classroom teachers. Clubs and activities that will be handled this way include:
    Cross Country & Track
    PTA After-school Enrichment Classes
    C.A.P. Classes
    Math Olympiad
    Play practices and rehearsals
    Unforeseen Emergencies:
    We understand that life does not always go as planned. While school policy requires schedule changes to be authorized in advance in writing, and does not allow for authorization via email or phone calls, emergency situations may make this extremely difficult. If you find yourself in an emergency situation that necessitates a schedule change for your child, please call the school office and we will do our best to accommodate you.
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