Website Accessibility

  • Website Accessibility Notice

    The Northshore School District is committed to providing access to all individuals, with or without disabilities, seeking information on our district website. If, because of a disability, you are unable to access content on Northshore School District’s website, have questions about the accessibility of content or technology used by the district, and/or would like to report barriers to accessing any information on this website, please email

    Formal Grievance Process

    Any person who believes that Northshore School District has discriminated against them because of their disability or failed to make reasonable accommodation for their disability may file a written grievance with Northshore School District ADA Officer. Once a written grievance is received, the district will investigate the allegations contained in the grievance in an effort to reach a prompt and equitable resolution.

    The grievance should be in writing and include:
    1. the nature of the grievance;
    2. the facts upon which the grievance is based;
    3. the remedy requested; and
    4. the complainant’s signature and the date the grievance is filed.
    The grievance should be filed with the Northshore School District’s ADA Officer at the following address:

    Northshore School District
    Attn: Damen Schuneman
    3330 Monte Villa Parkway
    Bothell, WA 98021