Adequate Yearly Progress Notification

  • August 18, 2015
    Dear  Frank Love Family:
    School will start in two short weeks and we are looking forward to a productive year of learning for your student here at Frank Love Elementary School!
    Frank Love staff are committed to providing a quality education for each of our students. We continually work to gain knowledge and skills to improve our instruction and to provide additional resources that support increased student achievement. Students are working hard and the number of Frank Love students meeting standard on state assessments continues to increase each year.

    The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 requires that all students meet proficiency on state standards in reading and math by 2014. The state no longer has a flexibility waiver from the federal government in meeting the 100% student proficiency requirement by 2014. Based on last spring’s test results, no Northshore schools met this requirement (also known as Adequate Yearly Progress or AYP).

    Some schools receive federal Title 1, Part A funds, which are funds provided in recognition that schools with higher numbers of low-income students need additional resources to help meet their educational needs. While the vast majority of schools in the state do not have 100% of their students meeting standard, schools receiving Title 1 funding must notify families if the school has not met AYP for two consecutive years in reading or math.

    Frank Love Elementary School has not made AYP for two consecutive years in the areas of reading and math. Our school is now in Step 1 of improvement and will remain in improvement status until Frank Love meets a 100% student proficiency in all areas for two consecutive years.

    NCLB requires Title 1 schools in Step 1 of improvement to provide Public School Choice, which would allow you to move your child to a school that is not identified by NCLB as a school in improvement. Although no other Northshore school made AYP, the following is a list of schools that are currently not in a step of improvement and have been identified as a “choice school” option for Frank Love. If you would like to transfer your child(ren) to one of these schools, your preference will be considered.

     Made AYP?
    Step of Improvement
    (100%  Target)
    (100% Target)
    Frank Love
    No  1 84.9%

    Option A: Hollywood Hill
    17110 148th Ave. NE
     No 0  85.8%  82.4%
    Option B: Cottage Lake
    15940 Avondale Rd.
    Option C: East Ridge
    22150 NE 156th Pl.
    No 0
    Option D: Sunrise
    14075 172 Ave. NE
     No 0  86.7%  87.3%
    Option E: Wellington
    16501 NE 195th St.
     No  0  83.8%  83.8%
    If you choose 2015-16 Public School Choice (PSC), transportation to the choice school will be provided for as long as AYP/PSC is in place, the Title I home school continues to be identified in improvement and the designated choice school makes AYP. If PSC is not available in future years, then the district waiver processes will apply and families would be required to provide transportation.

    To learn more about these schools or Public School Choice, please call the Title 1 Office at 425.408.7688. The district’s website also shows how many students are eligible for and how many students have participated in Public School Choice beginning with data from 2010-11. To apply for a Public School Choice, please fill out the attached Public School Choice Transfer Form (one per child) and return it to your home school or the Title 1 Office located at 3330 Monte Villa Pkwy, Bothell, WA 98021, FAX 425.408.7740 by August 24. You will be notified of your child’s designated choice school assignment by August 27. If the demand for Public School Choice exceeds district funds available, priority will be given to the lowest-achieving, low-income students first.

    To increase learning outcomes for all Frank Love students, we will continue to carefully analyze test results to identify our strengths and challenges and use that information to revise our school improvement plan. We will also continue to develop and implement research-based strategies, policies and practices; provide focused interventions to help students develop the skills they need; and use district and classroom assessments to monitor each student’s progress.

    The district is working closely with our school to provide K-5 students with a new math curriculum that matches Common Core State Standards, professional development to strengthen classroom instruction and support services, and reading and math assessments that help us monitor progress and plan instruction. Frank Love also receives support from the state to help us analyze data reports, improve curriculum, strengthen core academic instruction and work with parents to improve student learning.

    You are an important partner in your child’s academic success and we welcome your involvement. We will keep you informed about opportunities to discuss improvement plans for our school. Please feel free to call me at 425.408.4600 if you have questions, would like to discuss the school’s instructional program and what supports are already in place, or need additional information on parent involvement opportunities or resources to support your child’s learning.

    Your child’s academic success is much more than the score on a state assessment. We truly appreciate your support and partnership as we strive to provide your child with a high quality, well-rounded educational experience and help them grow into independent, responsible, successful 21st Century citizens.

    Jonathan Aldanese
    Sonja Hoeft