2017-18 Elementary School Supply Lists

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    Elementary school supply lists for the 2017-18 school year are available to view and download by clicking on the school's name. Please direct questions regarding a school's list of supplies directly to the school. Each school's main office number is listed after the school's name.
    The majority of the middle schools and high schools do not provide school supply lists. Please check individual middle and high school websites for more information. Classroom teachers will share with students during the first week of school what supplies are needed for their classrooms.
     Arrowhead 425.408.4000   Kokanee 425.408.4900
     Bear Creek 425.408.4100           Lockwood  425.408.5800
     Canyon Creek 425.408.5700   Maywood Hills 425.408.5000
     Cottage Lake 425.408.4200   Moorlands  425.408.5100
     Crystal Springs 425.408.4300   Shelton View 425.408.5200
     East Ridge 425.408.4400   Sunrise 425.408.5300
     Fernwood 425.408.4500   Wellington  425.408.5900
     Frank Love 425.408.4600   Westhill 425.408.5500
     Hollywood Hill 425.408.4700   Woodin  425.408.5400
     Kenmore Elem. 425.408.4800   Woodmoor 425.408.5600
    In 2016-17, a committee of parents, teachers, office managers and administrators worked to streamline this list; reduce the amount of time and money spent purchasing these items; and create flexible mechanisms for the donation of appropriate school supply items for use in the classroom. Read about the work of the committee.

    Need school supplies assistance?  

    If purchasing school supplies creates a financial hardship for your family, please seek assistance from your child's school office manager. Supplies will be provided for you.

    Want to donate supplies?

    If you would like to sponsor supplies for families in need, please visit the Northshore Schools Foundation at https://24887.thankyou4caring.org/backpacks