Kenmore Middle School PE Uniforms

  • We look forward to having you join us next year at the ranch.  Here’s some information regarding PE Uniforms:


    All students in PE at Kenmore Middle School are required to wear a PE Uniform. This consists of a t-shirt, shorts, and/or sweatpants.  All articles of clothing will be marked with the last names for identification purposes.  Students lose daily points for not being suited up so it is important to be prepared and ready to go.  There are 2 options for purchase: 

    1.   Shop on your own but items must match these requirements:

    • Grey or white t-shirts (no full front printing, yes to small upper chest logo).
    • Black, white or grey shorts.

    2. Shop online at BSN Sports:

    **Sale code KENPE17
    * * Disclaimer - by clicking here you are leaving the NSD website

    Download your flyer here for item choices and prices

    ·     All online orders will be individually bagged and sent to KJH where they will be delivered to the students by their PE teacher

    ·     Orders need to be placed by August 13th for delivery the first day of school

    ·     The second cut off date will be at the end of the first week of school September 9th

    • The second order will arrive a few weeks into the school year (students can wear any athletic attire (that they didn't wear to school) until their order arrives 


                *  ONLINE ORDERS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE AUGUST & SEPTEMBER even for 2nd semester students.


     Questions?   Feel free to contact :

                        Don Walker