Dress Code Guidelines

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  • Due to our concern for students and staff of the Kenmore Middle School learning community, we strive to foster an environment that is safe, healthy, conducive to teaching and learning, and promotes the dignity of all students.

    Student dress should be compatible with an educational setting—rather than an off-campus social setting. Students may express individuality in their dress and grooming as long as their appearance does not cause or have the potential to cause a disruption to the educational process for themselves, other students, or staff.

    Classroom expectations set by individual teachers shall be followed for the learning environment (e.g. No hats in the classroom).

    The Kenmore administration and staff appreciate the cooperation of students and parents in reviewing the students’ dress to meet established guidelines. If a student’s dress or appearance is such that it constitutes a threat to the health or safety of others, is not suitable to the norms of an educational setting, or otherwise violates this dress code, the principal or the principal’s designee may require the student to change his or her dress. A second or repeated violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action in accordance with school policy and procedures.