Bothell High School and North Creek High School

Fall 2019 Boundary Adjustment:

Bothell High School & North Creek High School

Growth projections show a need over the next 3-4 years to shift up to 250 students from the North Creek High School feeder pattern to the Bothell High School feeder pattern. The Enrollment Demographics Task Force has created recommendations to better balance the enrollment numbers in anticipation of these enrollment increases.

There is also a proposed boundary adjustment for the 2020 school year that involves Canyon Creek, Fernwood, Kokanee, Leota and Skyview. Learn more..


Students who are currently enrolled will be allowed to continue attending a high school once they have started at that school.

Adjusted Boundary Map

Map of Bothell and North Creek

Students living in the checker-patterned area will be affected by the recommended boundary adjustment. You can search by your home address to find out if your address will be affected.

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Transition Plan

2019-20 School Year

Bothell High School will remain open to all transfers that meet District criteria for the 2019-20 year.

Starting in Fall 2019, incoming 9th grade students in the affected area will be assigned to Bothell High, but will be allowed to waiver to North Creek. Any siblings entering high school after the 2019 school year will attend Bothell High School and will not be able to waiver into North Creek High School.

Any student who transfers into North Creek under these criteria would:

  • Be allowed to finish high school at North Creek High School
  • Be provided transportation

Any student new to the affected area, either new to District or having moved there from within the District, will be assigned to Bothell High School and will not be able to waiver into North Creek High School.

2020-21 School Year and Beyond

All incoming 9th grade students, including siblings of North Creek High School students in the affected area, and any new student regardless of high school grade moving into these pockets, would be assigned to Bothell High School. Non-mandatory waivers to North Creek High School will not be allowed.

The District will continue providing dual transportation for students living in the affected area to both Bothell High School and North Creek High School until the last North Creek High School student from this area has graduated.