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Grading Scale Message

January 13, 2017

Dear Inglemoor High School Families,

We want to let you know that the threshold between earning an A and an A- for semester final grades has been decreased from a 94% to a 93% at all junior highs and high schools in the Northshore School District. This means that students currently earning an overall percentage grade in the 93.0% - 93.9% range will see their overall letter grade change from an A- to an A for this current semester's final grade.

The district made this decision after gathering input from staff, students and families. Moving from 94% to 93% mirrors common practice for secondary grading scales around our area and provides a consistent grading scale for all of our secondary students.

In order for this letter grade change to occur, an adjustment must first be made to our configurations in the Grade Book system. After this adjustment has been made, you will be able to see the letter grade change reflected in ParentVUE. Students will also be able to see this letter grade change reflected in StudentVUE. This adjustment to the configurations and the resulting letter grade change is scheduled to occur prior to the end of the school day on Tuesday, Jan. 17.


Inglemoor High School Administrative Team