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Our district is changing. Most of the time, I’m writing about the changes we’re seeing as our enrollment grows and we implement changes to our instructional program. Too little do I write about the changing demographics of our community and the students and families we serve.

Over the past 15 years, the diversity represented across our community has changed steadily and significantly, and even greater ethnic, cultural, religious, economic and racial diversity is projected in the coming years.

As a school system, we accept our responsibility to create the environment and conditions for all students, families and staff to feel safe, welcomed, valued and supported within our schools. We also know that we cannot accomplish this alone. True inclusion, acceptance and celebration of diversity are not accomplished solely through school board policy, rights and responsibilities handbooks, a motivational assembly or a cultural fair. They are accomplished when hearts and minds are opened, educated and nurtured to appreciate and embrace diversity as strengths that unite and make us better rather than as differences that breed ignorance and intolerance. That change must be cultivated and grown in our schools, homes, towns, cities and places of worship. It is a collective mission and journey.

Every journey begins with the first steps. Below are our focus areas and some of the first strategies we are and will be taking.
- Superintendent Larry Francois
  (excerpt from June 2, 2015 letter to Northshore community) 
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