Track and Field

Track is a district-sponsored spring sport, and because of that, registration information is on the district website on the Elementary Sports page. The schedule for track meets is set by the school district.
Informational Meeting at Bear Creek
Mrs. Christopherson is Bear Creek's track coach, and each year she holds an informational meeting for all 3rd-6th grade students who are interested in joining the track team. The meeting usually takes place during the first week of April.  At that time, she hands out green "emergency release" cards that have to be completed and returned to the Bear Creek school office before students will be allowed to participate in practices or meets. For anyone who does not attend the meeting, emergency release cards are available afterwards in the school office.
Parents may register their student, and pay the required fee for the track team, using the online TouchBase payment system. Although the school district would like to have parents register online, it's also possible to register by filling out a registration form and submitting the form and payment to the district office. You'll find a link to the paper registration form (with instructions) on the Elementary Sports webpage. The paper registration form, rather than the TouchBase system should be used if you qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch program and would like to pay a reduced registration fee.
Registration Deadline 
There is no registration deadline. As soon as students  have registered through the school district, and have submitted a green emergency release card to the Bear Creek school office, they will be allowed to participate in practices and meets, right up until the end of the season. However, those things must be done before the day of the first practice to avoid missing practice time.
 2016 Practice Schedule at Bear Creek 

Practice Monday, April 25 @ Bear Creek @ 3:15-4:15

Practice Tuesday, April 26 @Bear Creek @ 3:15-4:15

Practice Monday, May 2 @ Bear Creek @ 3:15-4:30

Meet Tuesday, May 3 @ Cottage Lake @ 4:15

Practice Monday, May 9 @ Bear Creek @ 3:15-4:30

Meet Tuesday, May 10 @ Eastridge @ 4:15

Practice Monday May 16 @ Bear Creek @ 3:15-4:30

*Meet Tuesday May 17 Home meet @ Sunrise @ 4:15

Practice Monday May 23 @ Bear Creek @ 3:15-4:30

Junior Olympic Tuesday May 24 @ Woodinville High School @ 4:30
What You Need To Do Before Your First Practice 
Students will only be allowed to participate in practices if they have registered and have turned in their green emergency release card. Without the emergency release card they can't participate, even if they have registered. Students can pick up a card at the kick-off meeting held by Mrs. Christopherson early in April, or get one in the school office after that time.
Do I Need to Request An After-School Pass For Track Practice Days?
No. The school office (and teachers) will assume that all students who have registered for track will be attending scheduled practices after school, and so, the registration list will serve as the written authorization that's required for students to remain at school on practice days. Parents who have registered their student for track and then do not want them to stay for practice on a given day should send a note to the school office indicating that they are not to attend practice on that day. 

Contact Information

Mindy Christopherson
Bear Creek Track Coach
Phone: 425.408.4146
Location: Room 231