Community Newsletter

Northshore School District's  Community newsletter is designed for the members of the Northshore community who live and work in Bothell, Kenmore and Woodinville. Our community values education and demonstrates support for our schools in many ways. We believe it is important to report to you regularly about how that support improves student learning and strengthens our community.

Three times per year you will receive the latest news about Northshore schools, including how you or your business can get involved to support excellence in education. Community will feature stories about your neighbors - families and businesses that believe in giving back to make Northshore a better place to live and work.

We hope you find Community informative and that you'll use what you read in each issue to consider how your support builds strong schools. We invite you to pursue the opportunities presented within these pages to get involved. And we encourage you to share your feedback on every issue. Please send your comments and questions to
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