Suggested Walk Paths

As outlined in School Board Policy 8100 students whose primary residence is within one mile of their schools walk route qualify as walkers to their school. Per WAC 392-151-025 we have developed suggested walking paths for elementary students.
Suggested route plans shall be developed for each elementary school that has students who walk to and from school. It shall recommend school routes based on considerations of traffic patterns, existing traffic controls, and other crossing protection aids such as school patrols. These route plans shall limit the number of school crossings so that students move through the crossings in groups, allowing only one entrance-exit from each block to and from school. The route to school plan shall be available on the district website for all parents to discuss with their students.
Choose a school below to view the recommended walking path. If a school is not listed below, all students are bussed to that school. Walking Recommendations.
Elementary Schools

Lockwood (rev. 6/2016)
Canyon Creek Maywood Hills
Cottage Lake Moorlands
Crystal Springs Shelton View (rev. 8/2016)
East Ridge Sunrise
Fernwood (rev.1/2017)
Frank Love
Hollywood Hill
Woodin Elementary
Woodmoor (north of NE 160th St.)
Woodmoor (south of NE 160th St.)
Junior High Schools
Canyon Park
Kenmore (rev. 8/2016)

Northshore (north of NE 160th St.)
Northshore (south of NE 160th St.)
High Schools
  • How to start a Walking School Bus

    When parents are reluctant to allow their children to walk to school, safety is one of the most common reasons given. Providing adult supervision can help address safety concerns for families who live within walking distance to school, and a walking school bus program seeks to do just that along with a healthy dose of fun.

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